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About Brian Ivener

I am a Phoenician. Born and raised in Glendale and Phoenix motivated my aspirations to attend the University of Arizona. During my sophomore year at the U of A, I was recruited by my friend’s father (a real estate developer) to go into real estate as he offered to be my mentor. So that year, I studied for, and attained my California real estate license, enabling me to do an internship for the following two summers working closely with my mentor at his Real Estate investment partnership in Redding, CA. Working with this partnership I honed my skills in subdividing and selling land, lots and homes. In 1992 I graduated with a B.A. in Marketing and a minor in International Marketing and subsequently moved to live and work in Redding. This was the start of my Real Estate career which spans over 30 years from 1990 to present. I moved back to Phoenix in early 2000 continuing my real estate career where the majority of my family and friends live.  I am a home-owner and have renovated and completed permitted structures for resale...some homes for myself and clients as well.  On a personal side, I am the youngest of three and an uncle who actively participates in the niece and nephews academic and sporting events. Who I am is this, I will never regret a minute given to help my family – sure I may regret my mishandling of some moments, but I will never regret having been present. I will never grieve money I didn’t make, time or talent that I could have spent elsewhere, or the experiences that got sidelined or sacrificed along the way. My mark is my loyalty; my legacy is the sincerity provided. Family is my first priority in life which has taught me lessons that lend to my current success with clients knowing how many factors and life changes result in residential relocation. It is sincerely my passion to find the perfect situation for each client that I am fortunate to interact and engage. Reality is that I won’t get everyone, however integrity mixed with a fair balanced approach has often won the race. I continue to represent buyers, sellers and investors. I have worked with many clients to accomplish their real estate goals and I get satisfaction when they are happy. Whether you’re buying a home (or second home), looking for your dream home, selling a home or just want to know more about Real Estate, you’ve come to the right place. I’m ready to serve you, educate you, and assist in all your real estate needs.

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